Saturday, October 17, 2009


All the loot we got!


The littlest one is the celebrant

It was a birthday party my very close friend Debbie planned for her son Ichigo months before but because of the weather, a lot of those plans had to change. Nonetheless, we brought the kids to party and they had a blast. Most of our friends were unable to attend so most of the guests were the friends of Debbie's Mom and they brought along their grandchildren.
Seriously, the grannies had a blast spoiling their grandkids rotten. They ate cake and lots of candies and some were even allowed to drink soda! They were sort of laughing at my kids because I had to take charge and control their sugar intake. They were all telling me that if my Mom were alive and had the chance to be with my kids, she'd do the exact same thing. And knowing my Mom, she would really do that. 
Dash was and has always been intrigued by Ichigo and even asked "Can Ichigo also be my brother? So I'll have 2 Arrows. Please Moms?"
I was also just really happy to get together with Debbie. Decent adult conversations with my girlfriends can be very, very therapeutic especially if you live in a house full of testosterone infested creatures all under 4 feet- oh yeah and a five foot nine male creature who refuses to understand stiletto's and beautiful handbags.

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Alicia said...

It sounds like fun! Candy & soda...what could be better than that!!

Glad you had some adult convo too!