Thursday, February 1, 2007

Josh's Mini Program

Last Thursday, Josh had a mini school presentation. It wasn't anything big, just a few song and dance numbers from the pre school department. Honestly, if not for my kid being a part of the program, I think I would have been bored as hell. The 3 year olds had a hard time doing they're dance steps that they just ended up standing on stage for a whole 5 minutes looking at each other with a couple of them who ended crying when they saw they're mommies in the audience. Josh's class was too playful that although they could do a couple of the dance steps, he and his classmates kept giggling and laughing. But overall, I enjoyed the show--of course!

Lousy pictures, I know, there were just too many parents trying to get pictures of their kids. After the program, Jet, Josh and I had lunch out.

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