Thursday, February 1, 2007

Mornings At Our House

Mornings at our house involve:

1). A pre-schooler who is willing to take the time of his life ever soooooooooooooooo slowly chewing on his food with no sense of time and although aware of my glaring "you better finish up because I cannot be late for work today or my boss is going to issue me a memo again" stare, still manages to make light of the whole situation.


2). An 8-month old baby who gobbles up all his mashed food even before I get to put a spoon of my own food in my mouth thus forcing us to give him anything and everything that will serve as a distraction from him so that he will not demand to be picked up while we are still eating.

So yeah, I'd like to think that I have happy kids =)


Shoshana said...

Awww, they really look happy!

My ten months old loves chicken nuggets. Took one off his 2 years old brother's plate. He ate it just fine, even as I worry he might choke on it.

Shevon said...

Your kids are just beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

Sorry I haven't emailed recently. Life is crazy!