Tuesday, February 6, 2007


Early Friday morning, around 430AM, shortly after I gave Dash his 2nd feeding, I heard this horrifying sound. Sounded something like BAAAAAM - BAAAAAAM - BOOOOM - SCREEEEEECH. I thought it was an earthquake but when I heard the screech I figured that it was a car accident. Little did I know that some drunk guy rammed his 4x4 into our stone wall. So later that morning, while getting ready for work, Jet went out to check out what exactly happened. Apparently, the drunk guy destroyed our stone wall and just left his car parked (destroyed) in front of our gate. Okay, so how were we supposed to get the care out of our driveway? We didn't even know who owned the car. Anyway, I was able to hitch a ride to work. Later on that day, Jet decided to stay home and wait for that guy to show up to claim his car but also, Jet already called the police. So around 10AM, the police arrived together with the guy. He was an American guy who owns a resto / bar in our city. The police informed him that he will have to pay for the damages to property. According to Jet he almost went wild upon hearing this. He arrogantly answered by saying " you expect me to pay for that?! can't you see what happened to me and my car?" Yeah right, that would not have happened if you were not DRUNK you a**ho**. That got me a bit irritated, annoyed and angry. So anyway, the police informed him that they will not be releasing his driver's licence and both plate numbers if he would fail to pay for or fix the damages. Good thing in the afternoon, he sent over some men to get the job done. Geez.

I am feeling a bit refreshed. The weekend was as usual --GREAT. I got to spend a lot of time with hubby and the kids. One of the best things about weekends for me is that I am able to cook up a good breakfast for everyone to enjoy. No rushing, no resorting to heating up left overs and no canned goods for the sake of quick and non-time consuming cooking.
Pancakes, bacon, sunny side eggs and orange juice.
Also, I was able to click away and take pictures of my kids.

Sunday, after Sunday worship, hubby, Josh, Dash and I had lunch out. It was a splendid sunny yet chilly afternoon. The nice thing too about Josh is that, dining out is all worth it in the sense that when we order him a separate meal (if he shares a meal with me or Jet, one of us is bound to be left with a half filled tummy), he really finishes it. You know, like we get our money's worth because he can finish up a whole meal by himself. So everybody full, everybody happy.

Also, for the past 2 days, Dash's left eye had been red. Yesterday afternoon, it looked terrible. Since he is all over the floor now (as he is pretending to know that he can crawl), he gets all dirty. And he probably rubbed his eyes with his little dirty hands. I already started with anti bacterial eye drops. So hopefully it'll improve soon.
I am back to work. A bit refreshed as compared to how I was feeling last week. I am just feeling a bit uh, OK, lazy. For the past week, I have been transcribing L-O-N-G case hearings. Aside from the fact that it is required of me to do so, it also helps me a lot when it comes to documenting the whole case. But still. Gawd it takes up soooo much of my time. I wish this particular case be closed soon. It involves one of our managers who has certain issues raised against him -- performance, attendance and ethics issues to be exact. And yeah, I have asked myself as well as my boss numerous times -- Why Not Terminate? But then again there is what we call Just Cause and Due Process. A lot of times, as in a lot of companies, there is always "Just Cause" but often fail when it comes to the technicalities of "Due Process." So even if the process IS (damn) tedious, time consuming and draining, it is a MUST that we follow the proper system. All part of the " Best Practices" every company should possess. But then again, arghhhh. SO yeah, I hope this gets closed soon or I'm going to lose my mind. Like I haven't lost it yet.

How was your weekend?


The Mama said...

My weekend was full of sick kiddos. Sounds like the little man have pink eye. Is it gunky? You may want to check it out.

The Mama

Shoshana said...

Sounds like an eventful weekend. I am glad to hear no kids were playing by the fence when that drunk a$$ hit it. I don't like drunks.

That eyes look terrible, like he walked into something...a toy car maybe?

It's always fun to spend time with kids...and I like a kid who can finish his meal. That's something I have to teach my kids.

They always carry the rest around thinking they can finish it later, but it ends up growing molds somewhere.