Thursday, February 22, 2007

Just This Morning At 5AM

Dimly lit room. Sun not rising yet. Jet snoring his heart out. Josh snoring a bit...following the footsteps of his dad. Lou Ann, comfortably snuggled under her comforter. Dash, who happens to be sleeping beside Lou Ann, starting to toss and turn. Lou Ann starting to dread Dash's eventual waking as she opens her left eye to peep at Dash. Dash finally flips on his tummy, 2 round eyes pop open. Lou Ann immediately shuts her left eye and pretends to go back to sleep, but yes she is still sleepy.

Dash: Ah-da-da-da-da Ah-uh-ah-ah-ah-ah-eh

Lou Ann carefully peeps but not really opening her eyes in such away that Dash sees her awake.
Dash looks around. Uses Lou Ann's tummy to catch a glimpse of his dad and brother who are still peacefully sleeping on the mattress below.

Dash: A-da-da-da Wa-wa-da-wa-wa-ah-ah

Dash starts to pound his fat fists on Lou Ann's tummy.
Lou Ann opens her mouth accidentally because all she really wanted to do was say OUCH.
Dash catches a glimpse of Lou Ann's opened mouth. He moves a bit closer to Lou Ann's face. Poke mouth. Poke eyes. Pointer finger into her nostril. Forces Lou Ann's mouth to open. Poke eyes.
Lou Ann remains motionless.

Dash: urghhhhh (grunt) uhhhhhhh (grunt) ughhhh (grunt)

Stinky aroma fills the air.
Lou Ann can't help it. She kicks off her blanket.

Looks like a wonderful day ahead!
Good Morning!

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