Saturday, February 24, 2007

Wish Us Luck...We Are Going To Have A Blast

So anyway, in connection to my previous post, my MIL was convinced by Jet to bring her car. Good thing. But still no changes on the resort. We will still be going to a cheaper resort and when I made the reservations this morning, the front desk lady informed me that the resort is pretty fully packed -- with Koreans. Uggghhh. No offense but there are a LOT of Koreans in the Philippines. And guess what, they become soooo loud when they get drunk. And yes, a lot of them enjoying getting drunk. I am not saying that all of them are that way, but a lot of them are. So anyway, I requested the lady to book our rooms the farthest from their many many guests. Ugghhh.
I so do not want to get too moody and sensitive about all this because I do not want to spoil Josh's birthday.
So anyway.
I took the morning off because Jet and I brought birthday snacks for Josh's class to enjoy. OK, I am not sure if snack is the right term. We took out Happy Meals for the kids -- chicken and rice with juice. I'm pretty sure the kids enjoyed it though. Josh's school prohibits junk food and chocolate as snacks for the kids, so we had to be pretty careful about choosing the most nutritious among all the happy meals. Well, if I had the time I would have chosen to cook up a good meal and made goody bags for the kids. Maybe...Hopefully, one day I will have the luxury of being a Stay At Home Mom.
So, here's wishing to an enjoyable birthday weekend for Josh.
Happy 5th birthday Josh!

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Amanda Sue said...

ha! my husband is korean. :)

hope you have a wonderful time! and don't get put next to loud and rowdy people!