Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Babe Won't Sit

Yes, the little one refuses to learn how to sit. (!) Argh. I don't understand why Dash is so lazy to sit down. He is either on his tummy, "swimming" on the floor (as he hasn't mastered the art of crawling but is on his way to doing so), standing while holding on to the (a) side of the bed, (b) sofa or (c) rails of his day crib OR tied to my hips. So why does he refuse to sit down? The closest he get to the sitting position is when he is in his bumbo. When I try to prop him up, he prefers to fall front and look like a frog before falling on his sides or he just falls backwards. Dash is already 8 1/2 months and still no sitting folks. I just have this notion that if the little one learns how to sit, then he will be able to entertain himself more too. I could leave his toys in front of him and I am sure he will start playing with them. OK, not toys, he prefers paper, the remote control, my cell phone, my wallet -- anything for as long as it is not a baby toy (Geez how I love buying him rattles and teethers and plush stuffed toys and toys with crinkly material).
Josh was sitting on his own when he was 7 months. And this was a big help because I could leave him in his crib for almost an hour while he played and I could do things around the house.And that is exactly what I have been wishing for for Dash because when he is "swimming" around the house, I have to keep a close watch over him to make sure he doesn't pick up anything that could harm him or that he doesn't go too far. Or when he is pretending to think that he can stand on his own, I still have to make sure I am gently holding him by his hips or on his back since he hasn't perfected his balance yet. Gawd worse is when he decides to lock his 2 fat legs around my waist for me to carry him around the house with me while I do what I have to do. He has also learned the art of not going to a person who he doesn't want to go to. The grip of those 2 tiny fat hands! Man they crumple my shirt real well!
And this learning how to crawl thing. I know that it will promote the development of his fine motor skills but gawd! Josh never crawled you see so this crawling thing is something very new to me. Josh sat at 7 months and was walking by 11 months.
So there, the babe won't sit. Na-uh.

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