Friday, February 23, 2007

Allow Me To Complain

Ughhhh. That is how I feel today. Ughhh.
It's Josh's 5th birthday on Saturday and Jet and I planned an overnight trip to the beach to celebrate his birthday. We planned on this almost a month ago. So we also thought of inviting my MIL and 2 SIL's but expenses were to be split. Well not really split, like we pay for our expenses, they pay for theirs. Money is tight nowadays so treating them was out of the question. But being too stingy was and is also out of the question. I would want to spend on good hotel accommodations and good food. If there is one thing I enjoy spending on is food. That is one thing I will not be stingy about -- for as long as the food is good and reasonably priced, I don't mind spending on it.
Crappy thing is my MIL makes her money spending such a huge issue.
Jet told her that we were able to find a AAA+ water park resort. We have been there a zillion times, rooms are very new and clean. It costs 6000 pesos/night ($120). We do not need to eat in the resort because there are good seafood restaurants nearby. Plus I am so sure that Josh will have a blast on the water slides and the wave pool and all the other fun water rides. And that is what I want for Josh, for him to enjoy his birthday. SO anyway, MIL thinks is too damn expensive. Another crappy thing, MIL wants to ride down in the van with us. OK, so that would make 10 of us fitting ourselves into the van -- which I am totally hating. Jet suggested that she take her car down and we can convoy and MIL says she doesn't want to spend on the gas. Grrrr.
Cut the even longer story short, I am just so irritated and annoyed.
More annoying part is Jet just keeps telling me to adjust and to just let it go.

I am currently trying to just let all of this go. This is Josh's birthday and I wish not spoil it any further.


susiej said...

Ugggh! I can see why you are so upset. That does sound like a mess. I hope it turns out alright.

Shoshana said...

I can see why you're upset. I am currently not talking to any of my in-laws. They've caught the stupid bug, and I am not letting my kids or I talk to them until they're cured.

Prognosis: Dim.

louann said...

Thank you Susie J and Shoshana for feeling with me. Ughh. Much as I would want a better relationship with my in-laws, it just isn't that way.
Thanks, really ;)