Monday, July 28, 2008

He Is A 100x More

Apparently, my 6 year old IS a worrier.

By mid afternoon of yesterday, the wind and rain was getting much stronger. While watching TV, we heard a strange sound. Like a small empty drum rolling down the street and then hitting a wall. So we ran to the play room and peeped out the window. Well to our surprise, we saw a very tall bamboo tree that cracked and was hanging on the electric wires. There were small sparks and occasional threats of it becoming a full blown fire. Well, it was scary. I tried calling the electrical company but to our dismay all 7 contact numbers were busy. So I called out local police station but all I got was a very irritating "OK" as an answer. So all 5 of us kept ourselves glued to the window watching out for more sparks.

Finally, after about a whole 15 more minutes of redialing, I finally got through one of the numbers of the electric company. I reported what was going on and the man said he would try his best to inform the team who fixes such since he was only the guard on duty. Frustrated is what I felt at that time.

But all through out, my 6 year old didn't leave the window. He just kept asking what was happening and everytime he would see the bamboo spark, he would jump in fear. I kept telling him to relax.

I decided to go back to the room and go back to reading a book but my 6 year old stayed on. He decided to wait it out and watch what was happening. And then as if a bigger drum were being rolled down the street and it finally banging on a wall, the lights finally went out after a huge explosion like light. My 2 year old completely lost interest half an hour ago, I was in the room reading, the husband was in the room as well. But my 6 year old was still by the window.

By dinner time, we had to call my 6 year old to the table. He started to ask if anything could be done and if so, if it could be done NOW. I told him the people in charge were probably on their way. And then he suggests, "Why don't we just have all the trees cut instead? So that there will be no more trees that can fall on electric wires?" I said that wasn't possible. Sensing his anxiety, I hugged him and told him to just pray. At around 8 in the evening, while still by the window, he happily announced that there were some guys fixing the problem already. So again, we all went to check it out. Seeing that they were taking care of the problem, we all went our different ways. But not my 6 year old, he stayed on and made sure the job was done. All throughout, he kept updating us about the rains, the wind, the sparks and what the men outside were doing.

After about 30 minutes, the lights finally went back on. Then my 6 year old asked if it was really necessary that the men leave. "Why not make them stay and make sure nothing like that will happen again?" I tried to assure him that everything was going to be OK. He goes on to say " This is the worst day ever."

At 6 this morning, I saw my 6 year old in their playroom, by the window, looking out, checking out the bamboo trees. With the winds still gusty and the rains still pouring, I asked him if he was still worried. Poor guy. Well, he said he still was and said "This is another horrible day."

It runs in the family. I got it from my Mom. He got it from me.


Heather said...

Aw, poor guy! The weight of the world upon his shoulders...

Demeter said...

Your kids are so cute! Thanks for your kinds thoughts on my blog! It is amazing how our children get our traits wanted or not.

Sandy C. said...

Oh the poor thing! That is sweet he's like him mommy though. He'll be a sweet, caring man when he's older :)

Pinks and Blues said...

Oh... I could just cry for the little guy! I too was a worrier as a child. I worried about my mom, my dad, my siblings, my dog, my home! I can totally relate to just wanting to SEE it... to check everything out. I guess I can tell you that life, and all its distractions, eventually just wiped out my worry. Well, I still worry, but about things I CAN CONTROL!!

Karen MEG said...

My son is a worrier too... apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

The latest thing is the weather. He's always giving us updates on the forecast; if it will rain, thunder, %chance of storms etc. It is unsettling though. Raising a sensitive child .. I agree with Sandy though, he will grow up to be a sensitive caring man.