Saturday, July 12, 2008

Sometimes, That Is All We Need.

Well my birthday leave was great. The day went by pretty fast but I didn't feel as if things were rushed. I got to do a lot of "me" time. Thank you all for all your greetings and warm thoughts sent my way during my big day. I love you all! And I know you know who you "all" are.

So the next day, I went back to work. Still feeling the "birthday" spirit in my blood, I was taking things lightly and was being so thankful about almost everything. So while leaving the bank to grab a quick bite for lunch,I saw an elderly couple - in their early 70's maybe, who probably had been standing in front of the ATM machine since like forever. They both looked confused. I smiled at them and then the old lady approached me asked me how to use the machine. It's nothing really new, after all ATM machines were non-existent 20 years ago. So I walked them through the whole process until they got their money. When the transaction was done, the woman and the man smiled at each other, thanked me and then walked away holding hands.

They looked lovely.Heart totally melted.

Really amazing. How many people have I met in my lifetime who, in their golden years, stayed married --happily married and still with the twinkle in their eyes. I couldn't stop smiling.

5 years down the road of marriage, a zillion bumps in the road, a thousand crossroads that we had to face and one incident that made me suddenly believe in forever.

I am thankful.

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