Monday, July 7, 2008

Yipee! Yahoo!

Around 2 weeks ago, while at the gym, there were these women -- 4 or 5 of them --- chit chatting. So while getting ready to work out, I well, started listening to their conversation.

It went a little something like this:

Woman1: Hey! So what time do your kids get off from school?

Woman2: 2:30. Hey aren't we...

Woman1: Great! Mine gets off at 3. Where's Woman 5?

Woman3: Woman 5 says she's on her way.

Woman2: Aren't we going to the salon after?

Woman4: I thought it's breakfast first?

Woman1: Where are we eating? I'm having my hair cut.

Woman3: There's a sale over at the dep't store. Let's go!

Woman1: So after gym, we eat and then...

Woman2: And then go get our hair done and then shop....

Woman4: So what are we having for breakfast?

For a minute there I thought they would notice my skin turning green with envy. Not because they were going to the salon or they were going shopping BUT because they had the luxury of time to do so ON A WEEKDAY. And even if it were a weekend, its as if you have so so so many other things to do rather than shop or get your nails done -- there folding the laundry, doing the grocery, cleaning up your closet. I mean, how great could that be? Not having to think about getting in the shower right after workout so that you won't be late for work, worrying about the amount of emails you have to read before actually getting to work, the reports you need to consolidate by lunch. Oh yeah, what to cook for dinner after a long day's work. And of course, how could you forget the children?! It can get crazy.

But today, I am on leave-- birthday leave! And I will enjoy every minute of today not thinking about work, the laundry, toys scattered on the floor. I refuse to rush things today. I have a great day ahead for me -- except for doing the grocery (which I love doing anyway), I have a whole day planned ahead of me. I'm going to laze around the house with the little one and then do the grocery after which I am meeting up with my former boss (who I heart so much) and we will be having lunch. I think I'm going to do a little window shopping in the afternoon before picking up hubby from work. Splendid.

I wish I had more days like these.


Sandy C. said...

Ugh, I know of that envy you speak of. I get it often as well.

Hope you were able to steal some time for yourself for your Birthday!!!

Shoshana said...

Hey Louann, Happy birthday! I missed it.

That's a fantastic picture...I can't jump that high.

I would turn green too, not because they have time, but because they have friends to hang out. I'm just now starting to form friendships again. I've been so busy having babies..not that I'd change anything...just that it's nice to have girly friends.

Heart of Rachel said...

Happy Birthday Louann!

Quality time for yourself is a wonderful gift. We all need some time for a little pampering.

God bless.

mlu said...

Hello Louann, Happy Birthday

Have a great day.God Bless

C said...

Ohhhh...It's so nice to have days where you can totally take it easy! LOL! As if I knew what that was like!!! Yeah, I hear you on the jealousy thing. I WISH I had the time to go to the salon, have breakfast with friends and spend a nice leisurely day out.

Hope your birthday was a relaxing one! You deserve some good 'ol "Louann time"!

LOVE the photo!!! xo

Sophiagurl said...

haha loved the photo and yes I get green all the time when I see moms who have all the time for themselves!

Glad you had a great time on your birthday.