Sunday, July 20, 2008

Reality Bites-- OUCH!

Such realizations have been lingering in my mind over the past couple of months but I guess, just like any other person, the first step when it comes to accepting the truth is -- denial. Which is what I have been wallowing in for the past months as well.

I always thought I was the "housewifey" type of person which for a time I was dreaming of becoming. I loved the idea of being able to focus on the kids 100% of the time, being able to prepare a menu for the week, being able to do the grocery on a weekday, be able to have craft time with the kids on a regular basis. But no. I am just not that person.

First of all, I suck at cooking. I love cooking as in I really do -- but apparently those who eat my cooking would beg to disagree. I know. I love looking for new recipes and buying the ingredients for it but the outcome just doesn't add up to the expectations of those who have to eat it. And unlike others who can whip up a meal out of scratch and instinct when it comes to the ingredients they put in it, I on the other hand, always need a cookbook. There I said it. I am not the type of after whipping up a whole meal, I leave my family or guests clamoring to find out how I cooked such a delicious meal or family members requesting me to cook it again the soonest I can because they just can't get enough of it. I'm glad I have a househelp whom I can totally rely on when it comes to the cooking. I leave the kitchen to her. I can chop and slice and peel if she wants me to but I leave the cooking itself to her.

And I am so not good when it comes to crafts or the art of doing it. Again, crafting ideas don't just pop out of mind as if a light bulb just went on. If and when I do get the chance to do crafts, it is ALWAYS taken out of a crafts book or magazine. I think a big part of this is because I am such a disorganized person. I would love to have all my things in order -- if somebody did it for me. I know, I suck. But for me to actually get up and start labeling containers and putting some order to my things-- you could wait till forever. Although I am working on it. I started with my closet and my shoes. The toy room of the kids still gives me palpitations just looking at the volume of toys that need organizing.

Those are just 2 of the many many realizations I have to face with and have gotten the courage to talk about and admit and finally say that nope, I am sorry but in that aspect, I totally suck but I will try to be better at it but do not expect drastic changes.


Sophiagurl said...

hahaha, I am no such person either. That makes two of us. LOL!

Kandace Groenewegen said...

I was the same: I imagined sipping tea while the kiddies played by themselves happily. WRONG! And Kraft Dinner is on our table here and there!!

Shoshana said...

Louann, this post just reminded me of the tag I have for you.

Can't wait to read your entry. :)

Shoshana said...

I think almost everyone's like that Louann. I can actually cook fantastic meal, but while planning and thinking about it, dinner time is late by 2 hours, and it's take-out from McDonalds or Boston Market.

I'm not artist, but I can crochet and's great actually because I can listen to books on tape/audio while doing something if I don't want to do laudry or clean. It makes me feel positively 'industrious'. Right.

C said...

Louann, you are my hero :) Seriously, we all try to be the best we can at everything, but sometimes there are some things that we shine at and others that we don't excel at.

I certainly won't be helping our kiddies with math homework, because I suck at math! LOL! I'm leaving that to Hubby!

As for domestic aptitudes (or lack there of), I can honestly say that though I can cook and do crafty/artsy things, I totally suck at vacuuming and hate doing laundry! It's sometimes hard for me because Hubby's Mom used to make ALL of their food from scratch (I'm talkin' making her own yogurt, butter, bread, cheese...EVERYTHING)! She even used to make all their clothes! I can't even sew!!!


Pinks and Blues said...

It is a constant struggle for me, too, to become more domestic. I would love to be able to cook... heck, I would love to even enjoy cooking!

Sandy C. said...

Aw, don't be so hard on yourself. Like every mom, I'm sure you do what we can. Not everyone is born with Marta Steward gene. I know I lack it. Nothing wrong with borrowing the ideas of others though ;)