Saturday, July 19, 2008

Still Puzzled

3 days ago, I saw this under our car--- didn't want to touch it more so have anything to do with it but it obviously had something to do with us. Freaked out, I went inside the house to get my camera and I called my 6 year old to take a look at it.
All I got was a : Hahahahahaha KEWL! answer from him like it was one of the greatest things in the world.
So then I called the husband and left him to do the rest.


Sophiagurl said...

poor Froggie =(

why? how? i hope he's not dead? maybe he justed wanted to "hop" on for a ride? hehe

Have a great Sunday!

C said...

Oh my gosh! Poor froggy! Did your hubby release him somewhere after? We have a toad in our garden. One of the barn cats saw me admiring it (from a distance) and then she pounced on it and had it in her mouth. I desperately wanted to free the poor thing, but was kinda grossed out. I'm so weak! LOL!