Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Now if this won't boost you immune system, I don't know what can!

(oranges, apples, cantaloupe and carrots)

They love it and I love making it, really. Most of the time, even before I can sit down and drink a glass of it, it's all gone. So I end up making another pitcher.

He loves the taste.

He loves slurping it up.

And, it's something they enjoy doing together. One of those rare times that the are not fighting / arguing / debating.


Sandy C. said...

So sweet...all around :) That looks so yummy!

That last pic of them is just precious ;)

Pavel said...

That looks really good! Can you tell me what all the fruits are?

C said...

Awwww! That's awesome! Don't ya just love it when they LOVE things that are good for them? :)

That looks delish, Louann!

Sophiagurl said...

my kids love fruit shakes too, but that combination sounds terribly really yummy.

Must try do a batch of it very soon.

thanks for sharing.