Saturday, July 5, 2008

July Five...Years Ago

Today, I turn 26. There, I finally said it. For the first time I did not NOT mention my age!

I am thankful for the year that was and I am looking forward to the year that will be. When I was born, I had no idea what was in sore for me -- how was I supposed to know about the happy times? Or the sad and painful? I never knew how complicated life could be yet how easy it could be to find joy in the simplest of things.

Slowly I am beginning to understand why there is no such thing as a manual for LIFE. Or a Life for Dummies book. Or a written code about how we are to see things in life. Each of us will always have a different way of looking at things, of dealing with things, of enjoying what we do not have and being thankful for what we have. Life. We will never be able to escape what it has to offer us - no matter how much we try.

It's 11AM and the house is still. No little feet running through the house. There are 2 little boys napping in the living room. And here I am reflecting -- pondering / wondering, has my 26 years of existence been a waste? NOT.

For the mistakes I have committed, I am sorry. For the people I have made happy, I am thankful. For those I love, I will always love.

Tomorrow I look forward to a new beginning. Scared as I am, I will face what it has to bring with a brave heart filled with hope. I close my eyes and quietly whisper a prayer.

Remember, there is always sugar to make our life sweeter.


Sandy C. said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

I hope you had a lovely day. Wishing you a beautiful new beginning tomorrow, a bright, happy future for you and your family.

Pavel said...

Happy Birthday!!!

I hope it is a special day for you and I'm glad to see that you treasure all of life, and not just the great moments...

C said...

Happy Birthday, Louann!

I hope your day was a very special one. Here's to an excellent year ahead of you (and many more happy times to come)!


Sophiagurl said...

Hey Happy Birthday Louann! 26 is such a good age to be in.

You have your whole life ahead of you and I can read that you already are having the time of your life.

God bless and many happy returns.

Shana said...

Happy Birthday!!! At least you aren't as old as me...31! :o)

And on a separate note... I have had to set my blog to private for awhile. I am having some creepy Google hits and I am trying to get this person to back off. I hope to be back to blogging soon. I will still be around to read all of those on my blogroll. :o)

Auntie Norma said...

Louann, Happy belated Birthday! Wow You share the same Birthday with the Weydemuller Triplets how lucky. I wish you many happiness and great health for the coming years. Wow 26 years old is that all. Enjoy and live each day with lot's of passion for life. and thanks for always popping into my Blog I really appreciate it. Take care friend. and again "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!"