Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Chit Chat

With my boss on maternity leave, I have been manning the "battle station" all by myself. I try my best to be creative about the way I manage my time so that I get to finish the day's work and if there are some pending tasks left to do for the next day, I try to leave it at a minimal so that back log is avoided.

But the past 2 weeks have been a bit crazy. I have been trying to look like a headless chicken running around. As much as I try to keep my day sane, I have so far one big complaint to complain about.

So much of my time has been spent on the telephone. It's crazy. You sit down, the phone rings. Sometimes it is an important concern or issue but in between the conversation, there is always the small chit chat. You stand up, the phone rings. Chit chat again. While interviewing, the phone rings. And then chit chat again, of course I always have to be polite. Without my own secretary, I have no way of screening the calls. So even if the concern is not that important, I end up having to entertain the call.

Before I know it, half of the day is gone.

It's crazy.

And then the phone rings again.

1 comment:

Midas said...

Louann, didn't you inherit your bosses' secretary?

Sounds a tad tough...what about hanging up after so many know, just in cases when it's not an important call?

How much more do you have to do double duty?