Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Today He Turned TWO

A year ago today,at exactly 7:25 in the morning a baby boy was born. A bit smaller than his older brother when he was born, his loud and powerful scream was nothing close to small.He proved to be a voracious eater. He loved his cookies.
And his socks.

He adores his older brother (when they aren't arguing, that is).
He is opinionated and determined to get what he wants but his affection for those close to him has no bounds.This morning I asked "Who's birthday is it today?" and he answered, "TWO!" and then I said "How old are you today?" to which he replied "ME!"

I can't believe he wore that rumper. I can't believe he's wearing that shirt already.


Waffy said...

Happy birthday to Dash!

Sandy C. said...

Oh he is just adorable :) I love the pics of them both!

Happy birthday!

Sophiagurl said...

happy birthday to your little guy =D

Pavel said...

Happy Birthday, little man!

He's is so darn cute.