Monday, May 26, 2008

A Woman's Weakness?

I have been controlling myself for a long, long, long time. I sooooooo want to shop. I want to shop. I have a whole list (which has been stirring in my mind for the past month or so) of things that I want to buy- 3/4 of which are actually all "wants" and the remaining are our "needs." And because most of it are just wants, I have been controlling myself from breaking lose and going berserk.

Because I have children to think about, I am able to pass a store with a humongous screaming red SALE banner. Because I have to be more practical, I am able to pass a store with very very happy and content shoppers coming out with a zillion shopping bags. Because another pair of sleek black stiletto's is of no importance compared to a pack of diapers, I can control the palpitation of me heart when I see racks and racks and racks of office wear slashed by 70% of its original price.

But it still won't change the fact that I want to shop.

Which is why I'm thankful I have a little creature who says "I wuv woo."

Shopping suddenly comes 2nd on my list.

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Sophiagurl said...

LOL! Oh dear I so know how you feel. But sometimes when no one is looking (hehe) I succumb to these dark urges.