Friday, May 2, 2008

Eerie Changes

In our country, we basically just have 2 seasons -- the wet and the dry. The wet season covers the months of June - September when all the tropical typhoons hit the Northern part (where I live) of our country while the dry season covers late October - May. Summer for us is April and May.

It has been a month since summer has set in but I wonder why it isn't summer AT ALL.

Years ago, I knew summers as long, warm, sunny days. The normal temperature of the city where I live ranges from just 12 C to about 22 C. For us, hitting 24 - 25 C is HOT and a big bowl of halo-halo or a popsicle stick enjoyed with cousins would be the best solution to cool the heat. Unlike the rainy season when the sun would set by 5 in the afternoon, summer afternoons last until 630 or 7 in the evening. The cool wind that would blew in the afternoon would be enjoyed outside in the porch or in the small playhouse built in the middle of my grandmother's garden.

As I grew older, summer mornings would be spent taking up summer classes and then long afternoons would be spent at cafe's or bars chit chatting with friends. A cold glass of beer would be our solution to cool the heat - or am I being contradictory? We would always complain about how hot the weather was. Sleeveless blouses, shorts and windbreakers would be in our cabinets while our thick warm heavy jackets would be packed away until June or July.

April and May for me, would always be memorable.

But as I said, May has set in already and I do not quite know where the summer is. It has been raining since the start of April- everyday, even in the mornings. The small inflatable pool of the boys has only been swam in twice because by 9 or 10 in the morning, heavy grey clouds start looming above our skies. By 2 in the afternoon, thunder and lightning and heavy heavy rains cover our city. Umbrellas and thick jackets are always a must when I go out. I have not had more than 3 halo-halo's since April.

It is what we have been doing to our home -- Earth. I know this is just one of the few effects of all the trash we have been throwing, all the pollution, emitted by our cars, all the trees we have been cutting,etc.

I wonder if the "old" can still be saved. Is it still reversible?

Change can be good - as some say, but this kind of change, I don't think so.

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