Sunday, May 25, 2008

I'm Sorry But It's A No

When your job has something to do with hiring people, I figured, you're going to be doomed to face really, really, really determined people who would do ANYTHING just to land a job. I do not blame them- in a developing country like ours, having a job is essential if you want to survive. But we cannot discount the fact that most companies, do have job descriptions which include the necessary basic requirements in order to stick to the prescribed standards.

In the past 4 years that I have been working, I have met a number of people with character. Once, there was a lady who brought me and my box a big box of special sweets - right before her scheduled interview. I almost gave in to her bribe. KIDDING.

On another occasion, one applicant who already failed our standards would call 4 times a day in the hope of convincing us to give her another chance. I was very subtle to her at first and it seemed like she just didn't want to "drop" it, so I bluntly told her that she simply didn't make it. I wasn't surprised when she suggested she go to our head office and talk the higher ups to hire her. Seriously, I told her it wasn't proper but she didn't stop there. She started to plead. My heart went out to her, really. My heart goes out to a lot of applicants I tell you. It can be a tough job especially when I meet such a beautiful (speaking of inner beauty) person but simply doesn't make the cut because of other reasons like exams and / or basic requirements like degree finished or whether he or she is an under grad or not, etc. Going back, so she started to plead but I just could not give in.

Most of the time, the sticky situations I find myself in is processing an applicant as a favor because he or she was referred by a higher up, friend or acquaintance but is totally not qualified. I receive personal visits , numerous calls a day and email messages just trying to talk me into "giving __________ a chance."

I try to be polite and professional and sometimes I feel like I am about to snap back but I remind myself to bite my tongue and empathize with them. I've been turned down too in the past and it can be demoralizing AND depressing but certain things are just not meant to be, I guess. I'm still learning as well but I'm getting there.

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Midas said...

You have a tough job LouAnn. I don't think I can stomach having to say no many times, although I did have to do it a few times with my business.

It leaves a bad taste in my mouth, and then I just want to go and give them lots of money. Still, it's good to know that I can say no when I have to...and you are doing your job. People should not make it so difficult though.

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