Monday, May 19, 2008

I'm Thankful It Came.

The rains started to pour on Friday night. I didn't quite notice the wind yet until late Saturday morning. We all decided to stay indoors since the weather outside didn't look too good. Monsoon rains in May, I thought. Come Saturday afternoon, the rains and winds were getting much stronger. I tried not to pay much attention to it, after all, it still is summer.

The lights suddenly went off together with winds that were strengthening. Was there a storm? How can there be a storm in the middle of May? Storms come in June, I thought. As darkness crept in, I realized and convinced myself that yes, I think there is a storm. I cooked in the dark with the help of candles. The kids tried to entertain themselves in the dark but not before long they were both scaring each other and then there was crying. I lit my candle collection on top of our piano, just to add a bit more light to the very dark house.

We could hear the wind blowing and the rain banging on the window panes. It was still pretty early and then I had an idea. I told the hubby that it would be great to "camp" out. So we fixed the mattresses of our beds on the floor, brought out the blankets and pillows and made space for all of us to sleep beside each other. The night was so cold but the moment just warmed my heart so much. We all had a blast finding enough space to comfortably sleep and surprisingly, we all slept so well.

The lights didn't come on the whole day the next day. It decided to come back on the day after the next.

With the lights back on, the sun came peering through the clouds.

After the storm came the sun. As it always does.

The lights


C said...

What a beautiful post, Louann!

Yes, you are so right. After the storm, the sun always comes out.

How special that you made this an experience your family can share together. Camping indoors during a storm was always a fun thing for us to do when we were kids!

Pavel said...

What a pretty picture you "painted" in my mind, and a wonderful experience for your family.

Sophiagurl said...

a lovely post dear =) metaphorically speaking...sometimes the storm brings people close together and when it stops, how lovely it is to greet the warm sun together.

God bless you and your lovely family =)

Heart of Rachel said...

The sunshine after the rain is like a ray of hope in life.