Saturday, January 6, 2007

All This Clutter...Please Help Me

Before I enjoy my weekend..ahem...allow me to post pictures of my boys' playroom...I need your help! Tips on how to organize and fix up their playroom will be truly appreciated. I have started with sorting out Josh's toys which are broken or destroyed. Also, with the cleaning up of the living room, I moved the day crib of Dash into this room too. We also no longer use the desktop since we only use the laptop now, which means the massive computer table was also moved into this room. This room used to be the study of my mom and dad. They both had their own desks (my mom's was full of papers and books) while my dad's is still full of his paints, paintbrushes, art stuff and books). I am thinking of eventually also making this into the study tables of the boys. Our home isn't too big. HELP. and THANK YOU in advance. I promise this will be one of my major projects for the first quarter of this year.


Jennboree said...

Well, I have two pieces of advice:

1) Store away the toys least played with, then switch them out every few is like getting new toys! :)

2) Get matching baskets, buckets or boxes to hold the toys in the shelves. You can start off with them sorted, but we all know that at the end of the day, as long as the toys are hidden from view, it doesn't matter if the cars are mixed with the building blocks!

That's all I got. It is insane how many tiny toys kids can build accumulate.

angeljet said...

Thanks =) I will have to look for storage bins or baskets...It looks pretty overwhelming but I will make it a point to make this project fun.
Geez and to think I still have another one who soon learn how to play and collect toys soon =)