Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Parent Teacher Conference

So yesterday, Jet and I went to see the teacher of Josh for our quarterly Parent - Teacher conference. For the past 2 years, I never dreaded our Parent-Teacher conferences in fact I would look forward to them as Josh is actually a well behaved little kindergarten-er.
Teacher K shared with us that Josh has shown big improvement in his socialization skills. Now he doesn't only know how to play with other kids, but he actually enjoys playing with them.Josh had a hard time adjusting when he first started school because he grew up as the only kid in the house for 4 1/2 years. There are times when he starts the game and there are also times when he follows his classmates. But, this play thing he has come to enjoy, it sometimes interferes with getting his " work" done. Like instead of finishing his coloring page or whatever activity they are doing, he ends up telling stories with his seatmates or playing with his classmates. Oh yeah Teacher K added that there are small factions in the calssroom already and Josh addresses his special group of friends as "dude" LOL how cute can that be?! So when I got home I asked him what was up with the "dude" (just for the heck of listening to the kids reasoning), and Josh says "none, I just like calling them dude."
And then this morning, while rushing out of the house, I overhead Jet calling Josh while Josh was putting on his school bag
Jet:" hurry up dude, you might be late again."
OK -- so that's where dude came from. From the dude of the house himself. Thanks honey.

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