Saturday, January 20, 2007

Speaking Of

I have been reading blogs of mommies whose kiddos are sick. And I really feel for all mommies and kiddos going thru such. Sick babies are absolutely the worst -- I mean I just feel so bad when my babies are sick.
So yeah my babies are sick. Argghhh. I know. Just last month both Josh and Dash were under medication, dash even being under antibiotics. Lately, it's been real cold in our city. And whenever this happens, Josh usually goes into an attack, but his 2 attacks in the past 7 months have been fairly manageable without us having to bring him to his pulmo peed. We would just have to nebulize him and give him cough meds. I figured the little guy's immune system must be a lot stronger by now. The sad, crappy, yucky, irritating thing is, whenever Josh has an attack, the baby is surely to catch the virus too.
It was Dash's 2nd day of coughing so we brought him to his peed. And he has bronchitis. Eeeesh. I hate it. So the poor little guy is on antibiotics again and he has not had a good night's sleep for the past 2 days. He also hardly eats his yummy mashed food. I just hate it. He threw up 2x last night after drinking his milk. Which may also be a good thing since some of the phlegm went with it, but still.
I hope the weekend will be better.

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