Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Seriously Speaking

So Jet has finally decided that is is time for him to look for a job. Thank God -- really. When he left his job a year ago, we really thought it was going to be a good idea. The one main reason he did this was because he wanted to spend more time with the family especially since I was due in 4 months back then. As I mentioned in my previous entries, he ventured into business, which never actually made a whole lot of money. We used to fight --often-- about everything because we could start to feel the consequences of having only one of us ear and get paid on a regular 15-30 basis. Aside from this, I believe that having a job builds one's character. And so...after 1 year, Jet has expressed his intentions of applying again for a job.
I honestly feel very good about this. I think this will benefit the whole family in the long run. And maybe, just maybe (with my fingers and toes and eyes crossed), I will be able to look for a part time job so that I could spend more time with the kids and continue with my Master's degree. Otherwise, the other good thing about this will be at least Jet will have a better understanding of the need to perform well, excel and give you heart into whatever it is you are doing. Which will mean, we will both understand the importance of one's job.
I am pretty excited about what is in store for us. I think a lot about the future of my boys. All I really want for them is to have a secured future. I know how much my Mom and Dad worked so hard in order to give me the best --good education that is, and I would want to also give that to my boys.
Keep you posted.
Wish us luck and please pray with us =)

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Jennboree said...

Also, it will teach your boys alot to have their dad working. Not that I believe men should be the providers, blah, blah, blah, but all kids should learn the value of a buck and a job! I will probably return to part-time work once my girls are in school full-time. Or I will at least work as a volunteer for their school or the community.

I do think it is wonderful for your kids to have their dad home for a year. That's an experience few children get!

I pray that Jet will take a job he likes. That is so important!