Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Where Is Joshua?

So I go downstairs to my Aunt's house looking for Josh -- Josh hangs out a lot with my 2 old aunts (I guess he finally found people he could decieve and manipulate LOL -- I am being a little too nasty with my words -- Josh has found people he can AMUSE AND ENTERTAIN) and he was nowhere to be found in the house. I walk out into the garden and start calling out his name. Finally after a couple of shouts and a few trickles of sweat from panic about the whereabouts of my 4 year old kid, I hear Josh shout back "I'm here Mom!" And I'm like "WHERE?!" and he answers "HERE!" (In an I-achieved-a great-deal tone) And then I realized that I am going to have more of these panic attacks this year.

Thanks Mr. Cypress Tree!

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MomSquared said...

Ha! That's cute. I love the photos.

I'm glad my kids haven't figured out how to climb yet!