Thursday, January 11, 2007

This Thing Called Blog

So I have been blogginf for the past month or so and I must admit, I have come to love it. I have come to love the fact that I am able to use this as an outlet to vent out whatever it is I have inside -- ok, to vent out anger, pain, hurt, angst, joy. And because of this blog I am also able to show off my 2 wonderful little superheroes. So far, I have met a few bloggers on line too and that is the part I am most happy about! Really. Seriously. When I got my first comment on one of my posts, I was so happy -- no I cannot describe the exact feeling. I was just happy. I hope to find more friends though =)

Thought of just putting down a couple of things more about me

1. I have long hair

2. I love FRIENDS, Sex and the City, The OC and Desperate Houswives

3. I can watch re-runs of the shows mentioned above anytime, anywhere

4. I am a 1st dan balckbelter in Taekwondo

4. I got my blackbelt when I was 12 years old thus the title "junior" blackbelt had to be given to be since I was too young to remove the "junior" from the title

5. I danced ballet until I was 14

6. I have had 3 toe shoes

7. I am impulsive

8. I am emotional

9. I like the color pink

10. I learned how to drive only when I was 19 years old -- I was 3 months pregnant with Josh then

11. I rammed my car into a taxi in 2003

12. I love barbequed stuff

13. I love to cook but I never tried baking

14. I have a thing for shoes -- I love them. Oh yeah and bags too.

15. I have a birth mark -- on my right leg that is.

16. I haven't worn my hair short in 4 years.

17. It took me 5 years to finish college.

18. I finished BA Social Science --major in Sociology and Psychology.

19. Ok - I admit I am a terrible speller

20. I am a terrific, wonderful talker though

21. I am loyal -- to my family and friends

22. I am no where near 'tall' -- let's put it this way, I am petite

23. I am forever on a diet

24. My punch is much weaker than my kick

25. I am a very light sleeper.

26. I have a cocker-spitz who has been with the family for 10 years now. Prior to that we had a cocker terrier who ran out into the road and got run over --- I mourned his death.

27. My dogs name is CB ( as in Charlie Brown). The one before CB was named Bozzy. Both are very smart, clever and loving dogs.

28. I love chocolates with nuts.

29. I make really good ceasar salad -- really. I can send you my recipe if you want me to.

30. I have been to Tanzania, Sierra Leon, Dubai, Japan, Hong Kong, Bali, Thailand, Netherlands, USA and Canada.


Shoshana said...

Wow Louann, black belt and ballet, impressive!

I'd always want to travel, but never been to that many places. What did you do there?

louann said...

Hi there shoshana =) well, I had an Aunt (who happens to be a spinster) who worked for the U.N. She would get assigned to different countries and every summer, she would make me and my 2 older cousins travel and spend our summer vacation with her. She retired from the U.N a couple of years ago, so travel for me in the recent years has been slow hehe =)

Anonymous said...

What's a spinster?

If you ever come to the US again, email me!

I really really want to go to Japan. One day. For now I have only been in the US and in Israel. I've not even been to Mexico or Canada!

Shoshana said...

Ohhh, I wish I had an Aunt like that. Actually I do. She's really cool, this aunt of mine. She owns a diving/beach resort. She was going to take me to Thailand and Germany along with her kids, but there's no way my mother would let me travel unchaperoned, even with my aunt.

Actually she's my aunt-in-law. I know. It suck!

louann said...

Hi Mom squared =)
Well a spinster is a woman who never "got" married =) so this aunt of mine never had kids.
I am hoping I get to go to the US this year --fingers crossed! I have a multiple entry visa (and getting a multiple entry visa here in the Philippines is the hardest to get!) and it expires in 2011. Hopefully one of my family members will be kind enough to sponsor my ticket in time for my cousin's wedding in August (wedding will be in Chicago). But I have relatives and friends all over though =) hope-hope-hope =)
I'd really love to meet you =)

louann said...

Hi shoshana =) Yes, I was very lucky to have parents who allowed me to travel. In fact my forst travel abroad was when I was 6 years old and my cousins were 14 and 15! (although my cousins started travelling alone when they were 9 and 10). We would have to wear this large ID badge which we got from the Dep't of Social Welfare and Dev't here in the Phils which said that we were unchaperoned minors and stuff. Thinking about that now, I don't think I would allow my kids to do that even if a relative would sponsor them or something!

louann said...

Momsquared, I miss reading your blog =(