Thursday, January 18, 2007

It's 530 AM For Cryin Out Loud

Yeah it's 530AM and I am in the office. This is exactly the kind of schedule I was telling you about in my "Should I Stay or Should I Go" post. So yesterday, one of our Senior Operations Manager sat down with me and discussed a potential case which may result in a termination blah blah. Cut the long story short, being the Labor Relations Officer, I had to attend the hearing. And that said hearing was scheduled at 6AM.
So last night, Josh,Dash and I were lying on the bed playing around. Gosh boys sure are energetic. So anyway, Josh decided to pick his nose. And so I say "ahh ahh ahh, were are you going to put that?" just as he pulled his finger out with this soft greenish looking slimy ball. Josh looks around, still with that slimy looking ball on his pointer. And then he sees no tissue around. I just stared at him. And then Josh says "OK, I'll just put it back where it belongs" and sticks his pointer back into his nostrils.
I know -- Gross.
That's my little boy!
Good Morning!


Julie Lyons said...

Hello Louann! I found your blog through ours ( and since you have a post specific to non-lurking, I thought I ought to at lest say hello!

I can relate to the booger story. Our son Jack is 3 and not so long ago my husband was driving the kids home. Jack and Hallie were tucked neatly in the back seat in their car seats when Jack says, "Here Daddy." Brendan dutifully sticks his hand behind him, unable to see back there because he is driving, and receives whatever Jack has. Brendan asks, "What is it Buddy?" thinking he has been handed a gum wrapper or some other sort of trash. Jack replies, "A big booger." Well, at least he didn't wipe it on the window!


Jennboree said...

HA! Hilarious about Josh. Boys are too funny! And very logical, if you ask me. :)

I'm sorry about the work thing. Have you discussed it more with your husband on options?

louann said...

Hi Julie =) Your story just made my day--really. Anecdotes as such really do perk me up =)

louann said...

Hi Jen! You are right, boys are funny. Those 2 boys of mine always have those little everyday events that make me laugh.
As for my work, so far Jet hasn't commented on my schedule these past days yet. So I am keeping quiet as I wish not to disrupt the peace in the house. But if this is brought up again, I feel that we will have to seriously consider other options. Options which will benefit the whole family.