Thursday, January 11, 2007

He is reading!!!! And A Whole Lotta Other Stuff

Oh yeah the big boy has started reading his first words. I wrote down a couple of words on a notepad and asked him to read them. Here's how it went.

B-A-T (as in spelling it out) : Bu-Ah (long pause) BAT? (big hug!)

P-E-T (spells it out again) : Eh-Tu ( "i mean uhm...) (long pause) Puh (pause) PET! (bigger hug!)

C-A-T : CAT! (hug with a kiss) (jets cheering him on)

M-A-T : Mm-Ah-Tu ("oh no, I mean") Mm-Ah (pause) Du (stares at the word) MAT!

Ok Josh we are so going to Disneyland, grab a book and read it to me before I sleep. LOL!
I have this things for bags, right? I like designer bags BUT I cannot afford them. And even if I could, I would NEVER spend a thousand or more dollars on a Gucci. Hell no! I'd rather spend my money on milk diapers and baby and kid stuff. BUT! Here in Baguio, we have thrift shops. And guess what I was able find -- An authentic Twiggy Balenciaga bag. It's not in mint condition I know, but for the price I paid for it PHP 1,600 ( $ 32.25) I think that it's all worth it.


There's CB our dog. I know what a crappy picture, I couldn't get him to sit still! I will take a better picture next time -- I promise. CB is 10 human years old. That's times 7 in dog years right? Man he's old. If and when this hairy furry decides to leave for dog heaven, I AM NOT getting another Dog. I become too attached to my dogs and it will be too painful for me.

Here is my Certificate given after my promotion test for 1st dan blackbelt

And there's the little one contemplating the world around him
Here he is chomping on the yummiest thing in the world -- his rattle
Here he is minutes before he left for dreamland. I know I just had to put that little fisherman's hat -- I thought it to be cute. Oh c'mon all mommies do that =)


Demeter said...

Thanks for coming by my blog. Your kids are adorable! Blogging is indeed very rewarding. You meet people that you become really attached because you follow their lives very closely, very intimately and most times more intimate than people in real life!

Amanda Sue said...

oh my gosh. your baby is beautiful. i almost have tears, cause he is so PRETTY. and sweet. and precious.

man, i must be hormonal.