Monday, May 28, 2007

The Bash

We celebrated Dash's first birthday with a bash, if I may say. We booked a function room at one of the hotels (owned by the family of my very close friend) in the city, invited family and friends and had a blast. Pictures of the party itself will be posted later. But here are the pictures of when we got home.
Dash had a blast by the way, at first he preferred being carried around while meeting and greeting his guests but when he finally got the hang of running around with the other kids, there was no way he was going to allow us to carry him. He did not sleep the whole afternoon nor did he drink his milk. Instead, he wanted to be a big boy by joining the bigger kids and chomping down buttered chicken and spaghetti.
Going after his balloons at home.

Amidst all his gifts


Same shirt design, different size.

His party was themed "Dash Incredible" and so the cupcake:

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Chaos Control said...

Happy birthday, Dash! LOVE those cupcakes!!!!