Thursday, May 10, 2007

Things I Hate About Being Pregnant

O com'on you, yes you, No I'm not pregnant - again. I just did not want to get all sulky about Mother's day -yet, so I just wanted to list a couple of things I really do not enjoy about being pregnant.

Well for one, there's the stare which I get ALL the time. Like when I am in my OB's clinic waiting for my turn, everybody just stares at me. Not that I look weird or something but the fact that, I would want to believe, I sport a young looking face. So everybody has this "Oh-my- goodness-another-young-mother-does she-know-what-she-got-herself-into" stare.

Second, there's the famous jaw drop especially when they see me with the big bump and I'm holding Josh's hand (or chasing after him,whatever). Now that jaw drop = "and this isn't her first?!"

And then of course there is also the neck tilt eye peep, trying to check out if my left ring finger has a gold band. Like "I'm hoping she's at least married" kind of tilt.

Of course we cannot avoid nosy people who cannot be content with staring while dropping their jaw during their tilting of their neck, right? So there are some who really start up a conversation with me - which I prefer because I feel these people do not want to judge me right away so instead try to get the real score. BUT let me tell you, for me, pregnancy = hormonal. During interviews like these, I can be happy and excited to share my life story or at times I can snappy and answer with just a yes or a no or most of the time, I end up asking for tissue from the person because I have this runny nose from crying all over the place.

Plus, towards the last 2 months of my pregnancy, my nose gets pregnant as well. So we go back to the first thing I mentioned, the stare.


Jennboree said...

haha...SO TRUE. I don't look nearly as young but I did always notice people staring at my puffy ringless finger the last couple of months of pregnancy.

I didn't like the in-between stage of pregnancy. The belly that leaves people wondering if I was pregnant or just lazy.

Pregnant with Bella was wonderful from 4months on. With Ava? Eeesh. No thanks on doing that again!

Shoshana said...

I recall not enjoying the "look" I get when I answered that it's my 6th pregnancy, but 5th child.

I especially hated to be asked...why so many? Duh!

Anonymous said...

Hi - Just discovered your blog through Amanda Sue's and spent some time reading some of your posts.

This post made me smile. I remember being 8 months pregnant with my second child and this guy kept staring at line in the checkout. It was sort of creeping me out because he just kept looking me up and down. Then he finally says "That looks uncomfortable". No kidding. Thanks.

I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog!