Tuesday, May 29, 2007

What Should I...?

I have a lot of questions. On Wednesday, the 4 of us - Me, Jet, Josh and Dash - together with my Aunt and 2 cousins will be going on a trip to
Palawan. This is the very very first time I will be travelling with a 1 year old in tow. And when you think about it, he still is a baby! We will be there for 5 days (woohoo! yeah!) and I have no idea if I have prepared all that I should prepare.
Since the baby is a baby, I will be bringing tons of clothes - not sure about laundry service in the resort. And never mind if I bring a huge bag just as long as I do not exceed the number of kgs. I will bring a whole can of milk and a new pack of 36 L diapers. Aside from that, I am so bringing his bottle sterilizer. I have prepared my first aid kit - alcohol, band aid, mosquito repellent lotion, betadine, fever meds, cough meds, etc. I will most likely bring his stroller too. I have asked my cousin to ask the airlines how much mL of water is allowed on board ( as ATO has become so strict when it comes to things allowed in one's hand carry).
What else should I prepare? We take a 5 hour bus trip and then fly off from the domestic airport around 5am. The air trip will be at least 1 1/2 hours. And then possibly a short 30 minute boat ride to the resort itself. Mommies who have travelled with babies before, please share with me your tips. Josh's first long trip away from home was when he was 3 yrs 11 months, so it was not much of a problem or issue at all.
Did I miss out on anything else that I should pack?
I looked at the website of the resort, Divelink and saw that it is a simple resort which pretty much has what I need - aircon rooms, TV, hot/cold shower. But should I double check on anything else?
As usual, I have been stressing myself the past 5 days just thinking of how this grand adventure with a 5 year old and a 1 year old is going to be. And oh yeah hubby is coming too. So, three kids in tow.


Sophiagurl said...

a 5-day trip with baby in tow, i know what you're going through. And packing could be hell.

I think you will need to bring some fever meds, meds for allergies...just in case. get the location and contact no. of the nearest hospital, clinic, or pedia. Better yet get your Pedia's advice on what meds you might need to on trips like this one.

Have a safe trip!

SusieJ said...

OK let me think... Crackers and stuff to snack on. Picture books. A couple of new small toys to hold their interest. My Dr. always advised children's benadryl -- an allergy medicine to help the kids relax and sleep while traveling. The hotel should provide a free crib. If you're allowed, gogurt -- yougurt in a tube -- is a great snack for kids. I freeze them, so they will be cold for awhile. Nuts -- if there are no allergies -- for you to keep your energy levels up. And a smile. I always also carry a bottle of lavendar essential oil -- and dab a drop on everyone's shirt collars -- it's an antibacterial agent that will kill germs from other passengers before it gets into your system. This also relaxes children. And don't forget to smile and ask for help! Have fun!!!

Shoshana said...

Hi Louann, I think travelling with 1 year old is very hard compared to a 6 month old.

I went to my sister's wedding when DS2 was about 6 months. They cannot run, so it's easier. It's when they can walk that's harder.

Have fun anyways, and don't forget pictures okay?