Tuesday, May 8, 2007

My Mommyhood

It was an awesome experience for me. Last week, Josh finished his MILO Summer Basketball clinic. And may I tell you I think I learned a lot more than he did.

I learned that in basketball, it all about the fingers. Like if you were to give me a ball to shoot in the basket, you will see both my arms and 2 hands hurling the ball in the air without really caring how I look - just get that ball into the basket. "You don't shoot that way Mom" Josh told me. He said I must position my shooting hand while the other hand will just be my "guide." And your fingers will make the ball spin. When dribbling, you don't really use your whole hand, you use your fingers to control the bounce. I learned a lot of technical terms, terms which I really never payed much attention to. Terms I only heared off when Jet would be watching a game on T.V. or terms that would come up when I would watch one of Jet's games.
I learned to 'let go' of my son. I went to watch one of his training sessions and there were a lot of times when I just wanted to stand up from the bleachers and charge towards the court, grab the whistle from the referee and stop the whole game. No one is to push my boy around- he was the smallest in his group! Do not grab the ball when he is making an attempt to dribble it across and make a shot. And many many times, my husband had to remind me to sit down because "it's all part of the game." I was to do that or leave the gym. So OK, I decided to sit down - with my eyes closed.
As I entered the gym, I was reminded of that adrenaline rush I would get when I would train for Taekwondo tournaments. That feeling of excitement during competitions. That anxious feeling I would get days before competitions. And that feeling I would always always have when waiting in line for my fight - that someday I would would be known as a great martial artist. I sat down and could not help but dream big again - but this time, my dreams were all about my sons.


Shoshana said...

Louann, you have a very handsome child.

louann said...

* Thanks Shoshana :) And very well behaved too if I were to add...you know how we mommies are :)