Thursday, May 10, 2007

In Time...Maybe Just Not This Year

It's Mother's Day in 4 days and I don't know how am going to take it again this year.
5 years ago, I was too excited to celebrate Mother's Day. It was my first time to celebrate it as a new mommy AND I was celebrating it for the first time as a mom with my Mom. This will be my 2nd Mother's Day without my Mom to celebrate it. But it will also be my 1st time to celebrate it with my 3 boys (my kids and the hubby).
I still look for her everyday. I haven't really moved on but I know it's OK.
Dash took his very first 5 steps last night and I was just wishing so bad that Mom and Dad were there to have seen him! Dash would have just knocked them out!


Jennboree said...


I'm so sorry for your hurting heart, especially during these specific holidays for parents. I like to think our loved ones are always very near us in spirit. I truly believe it. Perhaps I'm wrong, but it brings me comfort.

Hugs to you. Your mom IS very proud of the mom you've become.

Pinks & Blues Girls said...

I'm so sorry that Mother's Day brings this touch of sadness with it for you. I am sure it must be very hard for you. I can only imagine how proud your Mom must be when she looks down on you and your beautiful family!

Jane, Pinks & Blues Girls

Chaos Control said...

This is my third mother's day as a mom. And my third mother's day without my mom. And like you, I struggle with the day.

Big hugs to you - from one mother to another!