Wednesday, May 9, 2007


While eating out, I could not help but look at Josh and be amazed at how big he has grown, Like the typical, has it been 5 years already sorta amazement.

Me: Geez Josh, you are so big already! Such a big boy!

Josh: Yah! I'm 5 already!

Me: I know! You're 5 already!

Josh: Yup and I can do dangerous things already.

Me: Uh, ok. So dangerous things huh? Like what?

In a VERY dramatic tone.
Josh: Like when I push my cart up and speed down the driveway really fast. That's very dangerous!

Me: Yes indeed.

(We have a closed driveway inclined about 40 degrees).

So I am a light sleeper. A very light sleeper. One advantage of being a light sleeper is I wake up to every noise and movement my children make. BUT I do not like it most of the time. Like when I wake up in the middle of the night to feed Dash, more often than not, I find it extremely hard to go back to sleep. It usually takes me more than an hour to finally get back to sleep and when I am finally able to, it's almost time to wake up and get ready to face the day. I have tried many many things. Sometimes I get up and drink a glass of water - no effect. I try turning on the TV - no interesting thing on at such an unholy hour. I tried picking up a book once or twice, I found myself not being able to put down the book. Before I knew it, the sun was shining.

So early this morning (3AM), I found myself mixing milk for Dash, giving him the bottle and staring into blank space. If and when I decide to start pondering on things I end up crying, thus the blank stare. And now? I am so groggy.


Chaos Control said...

I've been there. Unfortunately I get my best sleep during the middle of the day - and even more unfortunate is the fact that work keeps me from getting my best sleep! :-)

Pinks & Blues Girls said...

You not only made me smile today... you gave me a rainbow with your words!
Sharon - Pinks & Blues Girls