Thursday, May 3, 2007

My Name Is Who I Am

So Ashley came up with an idea of inviting people to join her blog party. 1 topic for every day this week.

Today's question:
"Where did you get your name? Write the story of how your first, middle, or last name became yours."

Not known to many, my complete name is Lourdes Angela. My Mom's name was Lourdes and my grandma (Mom's mom) was Angela. What a unique way to name me, I know. And if I turned out to be a boy, I would have been named Dylan Thomas after my Dad's favorite poet. But my Mom really wanted to name me Luan, when I asked her why, she told me she just fell in love with the name. Incidentally, when you get the first syllables of my 2 names, they spell out Lou An.


Shoshana said...

LouAnn in a nice name. I had a good friend in high with similar name. SueAnn.

SusieJ said...

Louann, how old were you when your Grandma died? Did you get to meet her? By the way, I tagged you.

Jennboree said...

Hmmm...My name is Jennifer J. The Jennifer is after a lake and the J is just..well, a J. It was the 70's and my parents were weird I guess :)

How about your children's names?

Isabella Serena = Isabella (the queen) and Serena (the sweet woman who left us her home when she passed away)

Ava Elizabeth = Ava (the movie star) and Elizabeth (the first queen)

Ha! Couldn't very well have one girl named after a queen and not the other :)

louann said...

* Susie J., my grandma passed away in 2002. I was 8 months pregnant with Josh and was 19 at that time.
I adored her, she was a very strong woman.

louann said...

My eldest is Joshua Alexander. I like what his name means, JOshua (Jesus saves) and Alexander (leader of men). While my 2nd is Dayshaun Karl. Dayshaun (God's gift of hope) and Karl (Manly).